Cooing and Stars in Winter

I went out into the coop tonight to check on the hens. Only 3 out of 7 were on the roost. Hmmmm. This is not so good – they need to be up off the ground and on the roost … Continue reading



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I moved my bees – I moved too. I moved from the little condo 2 blocks from the Capitol in Santa Fe, NM where I have spent 3 years healing. I moved just a couple miles out of town, up … Continue reading


First Honey

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I got in to check on my bees a couple weeks ago. A brave Cedric was there with camera. Happily, he was just as amazed and thrilled to see my bees in the hive as I always am. They were … Continue reading



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I drove the Columbia River Gorge from eastern Washington to Portland, Oregon. An exquisitely beautiful drive. I forgot about green. I forgot about tall trees that compete to reach the sky. Moss that covers everything in sight forming a wall … Continue reading


Rise Up

Again, here we go – too long since I’ve written. My ascent from inky depths is slow. I rise only to have dark currents pull me back down. I look up to my octopus for patience & strength. I see … Continue reading

Reblogging: Why Everyone Should Own Chickens

I’m inspired here to write my own top ten reasons to keep bees. I wholeheartedly agree, point by point, why everyone should own chickens….

Two Barn Farm


Here’s a list of 10 Reasons why you should Own Chickens

  1. Fresh Eggs daily – Much better than store bought eggs. The egg white alone is about 33% more and it’s less expensive.
  2. Chickens have great personalities – Our favorite pastime is sit in the back garden with a couple of cold beers and watch the chickens (they look like miniature robots).
  3. Help out with the compost pile – Chicken poo is too hot (high in nitrogen to place directly onto growing plants) but it works wonder on your compost pile.
  4. They are very low maintenance – Easier than a cat or dog to maintain. Just top of their food and water them, clean the cage once in a while and collect eggs.
  5. You are One step closer to sustainable living – it feels good to have chickens, like you’re a real farmer
  6. Household leftovers are food for chickens…

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Holy, Heavenly, Happy Bees

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Bees are the most wonderful creatures on the planet. Find something, just any old little thing, you can say that about. Little bees. Little honeybees, less than 2 cm in length. Maybe they don’t speak to you, like they speak … Continue reading