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Wildfires and wildflowers

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My heart breaks. Fires all around now – to the East, South, and now West. The Wallow fire started about a month ago in Arizona close to the NM border. It’s about 300 miles SW of here. But due to … Continue reading


I love walking out into my little yard. My hive is 6 feet out my back door. I walk out & bees fly around my head. They come swooping down in arced paths to the hive, right home. The hive entrance gets busy & they circle round it. The sun lights up their little yellow abdomens so they glow gold in the air.

As soon as I drive up I look to see who, over the fence, is arcing in flight home. As soon as I get out of the car I look over the gate to see who is in the bird bath & who is flying about. As soon as I wake in the morning I look out to see who is up, out foraging already. I pull the back door open & listen to them buzz while I make my morning coffee. Peer out to see them gold by soft morning light in crisp air so delicious. Sometimes I think I hear a buzz when I’m inside. I stop, listen for it. Prepared to go rescue some lone flyer that followed me in. I dream of them. On me, circling me as if I am queen.

I tiptoe around them on the patio. They sit cleaning themselves after eating or perhaps dying. My yard is littered with dead bees. Foraging bees during the height of the honey season may only live a couple weeks – they fly their little wings off bringing nectar, pollen, water to the hive. They may live several months during the winter. The ants tote dead bees away across my yard. Amazing little creatures themselves pulling 10x their own weight over sticks, through leaves. I watch them in awe, pulling my dead bees away. How miraculous to just STOP.

Breath sucked in…..stop, listen, watch. Get out of my head & marvel at life. Life.

These bees pulled me down. Little bees who never do, slowed me down. Made me hold my breath so I could finally see.

Happy Girl in Flight



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I went in yesterday. They gave me the ok. I love the sound of the whole hive. Their numbers have definitely increased. I can tell just by the buzz. When I puff a bit of smoke inside the hive, they … Continue reading


The first sting

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They graciously allow me entry into their world. I believe, although initially, and perhaps still, clumsy, I begin to get into their groove. I often take my lessons the hardest way possible. With life and with bees. One day, I … Continue reading


Inside the hive

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They are off and running. Every day I go in they have built more comb, more rows. After about a week, I’m feeling pretty comfortable going inside the hive. I still don’t quite believe this myself, but I really know … Continue reading


Good Girls!

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Oh, they are teaching me. After the destruction, I go in every day. I’ve got it now. I make sure they are building “right.” They are. They have got it. They are on their way. Building as if nothing happened. … Continue reading


Destruction. This is where it gets good….

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Ok – success. I’ve got them installed. Now – let them go. They know what to do. I’m feeding them inside the hive. I go in, every other night or so & replenish a quart of sugar water. I come … Continue reading