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Something about Bison

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Man! We are having some beautiful rain here. Finally, finally. And it feels so good. I hiked up my mountain (at the Santa Fe Ski Basin) today. My usual hike that got curtailed for 2 months during the fires. It … Continue reading


Nothing Left To Be Concealed

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I’m sitting here in my little house listening to heavenly rain. Listening & watching a wicked good thunderstorm. Nearly continuous flashing & crashing through the darkness. There’s a bolt that comes down close. Couldn’t have been more than 1/2 mile … Continue reading


Backpacking in the Tetons

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This morning I walked out in my yard to water the bees. As usual, I stood & watched them flying in & out of the hive, buzzing my head, which is clearly right in the way. It was about 7am. … Continue reading


Bees, Beets, and Beer

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Beets. Beets. Benjamin Franklin only got it part right. He said beer was proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. Sorry Ben, it’s beer & beets. I clean beets from Matt & Kate’s garden tonight. Again … Continue reading


Prelude to a Dream

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This one also about 10 years in the making. A dream I had before my life was sidetracked by a marriage that had hard lessons in store. Lessons that brought me here, opened me up in the most difficult ways. … Continue reading