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The Beekeeper & Her Black Widow

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Photos from a couple months ago. Kind & brave friends took them as I filled their ears with my gushing affection for bees. They got right in the hive with me as I pointed out every amazing thing there is … Continue reading


Indian Peaks & General Grievous

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This is a random post. Pictures from a hike, video of boys singing, and finally a picture (not great) of my live-in Black Widow. She showed her face, err, rather her tender underside with that red hourglass, long enough for … Continue reading


Bees, Black Widows & Sedona?

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Another Black Widow. I begin to wonder. I find her this time in my paper shredder, of all places. My house is full of Black Widows. I finally look it up – the only symbolism I can find relating to … Continue reading