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I drove the Columbia River Gorge from eastern Washington to Portland, Oregon. An exquisitely beautiful drive. I forgot about green. I forgot about tall trees that compete to reach the sky. Moss that covers everything in sight forming a wall … Continue reading


Rise Up

Again, here we go – too long since I’ve written. My ascent from inky depths is slow. I rise only to have dark currents pull me back down. I look up to my octopus for patience & strength. I see … Continue reading


Shaft of Light

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I’ve taken to talking to the Boxelder beetles. They are all over my house, so what else can I do? I pluck them up and take them outside, scolding them on the way. But, there’s always another, so I talk … Continue reading


The Octopus Pulls

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After my last black post, I wondered about the significance of the Octopus. She just came to me and pulled me to her in a strong embrace. What is there for me? I pay close attention to symbols brought to … Continue reading


Overcoming Blackness

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You’ve heard me. I’m steeped in black, as I say. I tire of it more than I can even say. I don’t want to write about darkness anymore. I don’t want to sing about it. I don’t want to be … Continue reading