The Octopus Pulls

After my last black post, I wondered about the significance of the Octopus. She just came to me and pulled me to her in a strong embrace. What is there for me? I pay close attention to symbols brought to me like this. They have proven to have great significance in my life. Strong tentacles pulling me. Such a warm embrace bringing me into this black. Surrounding me in the softness of tentacle-flesh, touch and connection. This octopus is helping me to surrender to the darkness. No way out but through – right? I am just thankful for sticky suction that I know won’t let me go. She will hold me up through this black. Hold me up as I fall and surrender. Hold me up as I dive to depths of inky black. Stick with me in my child-like fear. Octopus buoyancy providing some promise that I will rise at the end of all this. I lay at the bottom of immense darkness with the light tunneling so far away. The more I look the further away that light gets. Terrifying me. The same as when I was a child full of unnamed fears. Only now there is this light creature who surrounds me and will pull me back up through to sunlight. More than I ever had as a kid. She hovers over me, seemingly indefinitely until I am ready to rise. Filling me, as she is, with patience to wait this out.

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2 responses to “The Octopus Pulls

  1. Your posts are getting more and more musical, is there a song in there?

    • Ya know Mattie, I think you hit it right on. I think my dive to the depths left a lot of inhibitions behind. I’m getting to know myself. Music has always been truly at my core. I often wake up with a little snippet of a song in my head. Sometimes I don’t even quite know what song it is or who the artist is. Thanks to google, I can look up the few words of the lyrics and usually find out. When I do, I always, literally always, find a message in the song for me. Often a jaw-dropping revelation of a message. It never ceases to amaze me. Smooches to all you up there.

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